About Tina

Thank you for visiting my photo collections and galleries.

My photography has been a lifelong passion that has evolved from my love of nature and it’s beauty.

Wherever I go, I always pack a camera.

 When I see an image that strikes me I stop and pull out my camera. The vision is there for only a moment, and my challenge is to preserve the image along with creating the emotion that it inspired.

 The photographs I frame are images that hold your attention, something you want to look at, something to remember, something to think about.

 I print, mat, and frame my photographs in my Williston, Vermont home giving each piece a personal touch and a uniqueness of its own. I use a fine art Epsom printer, archival paper, and ink.

Any of the photographs you see on these pages and galleries are reproducible. I print, mat, and frame them, 5x7, 8x10, and most 11X14: or I will sell them just matted and wrapped, you frame it. Let me know what your wants are!

Eventually I will build a store on this website, until then contact me through email or phone.